One for the Arts and Humanities Researchers

Beyond the PhD is a careers resource for Arts and Humanities researchers.  This site is packed with profiles of researchers in a variety of career sectors, as well as useful articles on job-hunting, destinations, employer perceptions of the PhD and how to get some valuable work experience. Vitae have also recently launched a searchable Career Stories Portal with […]

Have your say about teaching as a researcher

The NUS (National Union for Students) isn’t just for Undergrads and they are keen to tackle some of the burning issues for their postgraduate researchers. One area where I know most institutions tend to get low satisfaction scores is support for postgrads who teach.  To find out a bit more about these issues, the NUS […]

Liking the blog?

On a similar theme to the GRADBritain post, are looking for someone to blog about the trials and tribulations of PhD life, research, careers, job searching and whatever else might be useful for other researchers to hear about. For anyone who doesn’t know about it’s a useful site that you might like to […]

Want to get an insight into the world of the Media?

Communicating research to the public always seems like a really great idea… but I’m guessing that coming face to face with a journalist can be a nerve-racking experience. Most scientists I’ve spoken to have worried about whether the journalist will ‘get it right’ , misquote them or misrepresent their research.  The British Science Association are offering researchers […]

Write for GRAD Britain

GRADBritain is an online magazine that’s written for and by postgraduate researchers in the UK. They’re always looking for new articles and will pay £50 for any they use.  Some of the articles in it can be quite contentious, others have practical advice for researchers and some are just meant to make you laugh (and remember […]