The work-life balance: thoughts from IBAHCM Director Prof. Dan Haydon

Striking the ideal work-life balance is a challenge faced by many in academia. In this guest post, Institute of Biodiversity, Animal Health and Comparative Medicine Director Professor Daniel (Dan) Haydon shares his thoughts on the topic. Originally published on the IBAHCM blog Naturally Speaking, and with more of a focus on post-PhD research, we are re-blogging […]

Political PGR

With the recent announcement of a snap general election in the UK, you are either feeling serious voter fatigue or giddy excitement. Me? I got so animated by the alert on my phone that I interrupted a colleagues’ practice conference talk to spread the word…they did not receive the news as enthusiastically as I had! […]

5 Tips on Surviving Ethical Approval for Your Research

Studies involving human participants or animals often require ethics approval. While standard practice, this process can seem both daunting and complex to those unfamiliar with it. Here, Jie Zhang (a 2nd year PhD student in the School of Education) shares her experience of going through the ethics application process for the first time, and offers […]

Take part in the 3MT Thesis Competition!

Jamie Gallagher, winner of the 2013 3MT Thesis Competition at the University of Glasgow, tells us why 3MT is a great opportunity for PhD researchers: We’re holding an info event at the Gilchrist PG club Seminar Room on Tuesday 9th February at 2pm, featuring winners from previous years.  Come along to this for tips and advice, without […]

Hello from Tess!

I started working with the Research Strategy and Innovation Office on 5 October this year as a PGR Intern, and while I’m here I’ll be helping to organise some events like 3MT (Three-minute Thesis) and the Research Staff Conference. It’s eye-opening to see the management of training opportunities for post-graduate and early career researchers at university […]

What is the Makerspace and what can you do there?

What is the Pop-up Makerspace and what can you do there? Find out here! We asked Richard from MAKLab at the Launch yesterday and some students tell us what technologies they’d like to try out. Come along and have a go yourself at 3D-scanning, 3-printing, Digital Embroidery, CNC Milling and more – this week only!

Hi from Niamh!

Hello!  My name is Niamh, I’m one of the Research, Strategy and Innovation Office’s Postgraduate Research Events interns, and I just wanted to introduce myself.  I started last month and have been getting stuck in.  I’m already learning a lot – it is fascinating to see postgraduate events from the ‘other side’. I am a PhD student in the department of English […]