Hello from Sian & the launch of PGR Lunchtime Walks 2.0

I feel like a bit of an imposter featuring here as I haven’t embarked upon a PhD nor a career in research… but I’ve heard you’re a welcoming bunch and I want to re-instate the PGR lunchtime walks: so read on and hear me out!


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Ready to learn all things PGR!


My name is Sian and I will be working in the Research Strategy and Innovation Office at University of Glasgow for the next few months as part of the Ambitious Futures Graduate Scheme. It’s a nationwide scheme with around 20 other participating universities, where participants get the opportunity to work on three different projects across a variety of departments in Higher Education administration. So far, I have created and managed a new knowledge exchange event, got to grips with data analysis (still scares me) and presented my research to the Senior Vice Principal of the university (not as scary as I thought it would be). My third and final placement has brought me to RSIO in the hope of adding some value to the PGR experience and I need your help!

I want to understand the PGR experience. Well, ‘that encapsulates a lot,’ you’re probably thinking and you’d be right. It’s wonderfully different for every single student and that’s why I’m here, on the PGR blog, to find out what the best parts are, as well as the parts that make you question why you even decided to dive into the obscure academic depths of research in the first place! This will help me make a positive and lasting impact for the benefit of your PGR experience. In addition to my discussions with you all, I will conduct analysis of the recent PRES Survey results, evaluate current research on PGR life and speak to as many staff who will meet with me so I can make recommendations to Elizabeth and her team on how best we can accommodate PGRs. Further, I will be actively organising events for you all based on my findings and your feedback: these are not confined to academic related sessions since your time here is so much more than your research! First on my list is to work on the University Researcher Development website and I am beginning to gather ideas on what needs to be included there.

Whilst I’m remembering names and catching my breath once reaching the dizzying heights of the loft at Blogger HQ at 11 The Square, I am really keen to meet up and talk to as many PGRs as possible so that I can understand more about your day to day life here at Glasgow. You may remember that Elizabeth had previously set up the PGR Lunchtime Walks in March and I would like to start them back up again!

Free badges for walkers!

The sun is (mostly) shining, the days are longer and the temperatures are bearable so come along for a leisurely stroll where we can chat about your wonderfully different experiences. Both the beautiful and the damned experiences so that we can collaborate on ideas to better your time here at Glasgow. You’ll also get one of these badges (right)



  • First meet is Tuesday 4th July 12.30pm;
  • Meet outside 11 The Square on University Avenue;
  • Walks will continue weekly: same time and place;
  • Bring your chat (or just yourself) and enjoy the fresh air and time away from your desk!


So no, I am not a researcher, but I do feel like I have proved my place on the blog and I hope you’ll come along on Tuesdays to have a chat and maybe meet some new faces. Who knows, I might even be convinced to do a PhD…


P.S I am always contactable by email and really encourage you to get in touch with me at sian.collins@glasgow.ac.uk so that we can begin a fruitful discussion to improve PGR life.

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