New year’s resolutions for professional development

This short film was created by a PhD student in the College of Arts, who was looking for a way to explain how the Vitae Researcher Development Framework can be used to help PhD students think about (and articulate) their skills.

In the film, two recent College of Arts PhD graduates (one working in academia and one working for a charity) talk about the opportunities they took during their PhD to develop their skills and how this helped them move into their current role.
Now is a great time to be thinking about planning ahead to the professional development activity that you want to undertake this year.
What skills do you want to develop and where are the opportunities to do this?
Are there training courses, public engagement events or competitions (such as the 3 Minute Thesis Competition) that you can get involved with?
Is there a network in your research area which can help you develop new skills? If not, why not think about starting your own?
And remember the New Initiatives Fund is out there to help with funding for transferable skills initiatives which benefit groups of researchers.

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