Writing Academic Articles

One of the reasons that I applied for the PGR Blog internship is that I have always received good feedback on my writing and I wanted to gain some experience of using a non-academic style. This kind of writing is fun and it’s nice to have freedom of style, grammar, and vocabulary, but writing academically is […]

Happy New Year!

Happy 2017 from all of us at the PGR blog team – may your research be fruitful, your publications plentiful, and your thesis successful! I hope you managed to get some rest during Winter Break and feel ready to take on another PGR year. For me, it has been fabulous to catch up with friends […]

Introducing our final blogger!

“I’ll be back before you know it…” were my famous last words to friends and family in the Netherlands when I set off for an internship in Glasgow. Almost three years later—still here! I fell in love with the windy wee Victorian roads of the West End, the Scottish hills and lochs, and my fabulous […]

Sparking our conversation

The Greek philosopher Paracelsus knew them for what they were—fire elementals; beings with the power to endure flames without harm. With scorched black skin emblazoned with brilliant yellow, the Greeks named them “fire-lizards”. We call them salamanders! While not quite the beasts of myth and legend, European fire salamanders are fascinating animals. With a superficial […]

Jade profile & intro pic

Getting to Know Each Other

Hi! I’m Jade and I’m a final year PhD researcher in the College of Arts, based in the department of English Language and Linguistics. To be more specific, I have what is known as Thesis Pending Status – this means that I am in my ‘writing up year’ during which I bring my research together […]

Nice to meet you!

Hello everyone! My name is Andreea and talking about myself is just about the most terrifying thing someone could possibly ask me to do. It’s right up there with petting a giant spider or going swimming with crocodiles. Nevertheless, I do occasionally like to think of myself as brave so here it goes. Who I am […]