*VLOG* Successful Supervision: Interview with Dr Matteo Ceriotti

Dr. Matteo Ceriotti, lecturer in Space Systems Engineering at UofG, is what we’d call a ‘rock star supervisor’ (thanks to The Thesis Whisperer for the apt term). His rock star status was firmly established though his recent nomination for ‘Outstanding Research Supervisor of the Year’ in the prestigious Times Higher Education Awards. Here, Matteo talks […]

The Annual Progress Review: responsibilities and benefits

At this time of year we are all required to reflect on the achievements and challenges that we have faced over the last year during our research. Progression is an important time to remember what your responsibilities are as a postgraduate researcher no matter what stage of research you are at. Equally important is understanding […]

The College of Science and Engineering Annual Progress Review

Nobody knows the exact origins of the Annual Progress Review (APR). Legend has it that it began 1451 (the very year the University was established) as a means of cruel and ruthless entertainment for our professor overlords. But the exact origins aren’t important. What is important is that the practice continues today: each year, in […]

Researcher Development at the College of Science & Engineering

Can you take part in training and activities that aren’t directly related to your research? You certainly can! The skills that you gain alongside those required for your research go towards your ‘researcher development’.  As the Graduate School of Science and Engineering explains: ‘Research is not just about the work you undertake in your lab […]

Getting Started in Research (College of Science & Engineering)

When given the task of researching something in depth as a postgraduate researcher it can be difficult to know where to begin. Luckily some advice and resources are on hand to help you in getting started with your own research. This post aims to guide you towards feeling comfortable with independent research. It’s packed full […]

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Navigating first year: Introduction from a 3rd year PG researcher

Sapphire Wanmer   As a 3rd year postgraduate researcher I know how exciting and daunting the first year of a PhD can be. It is exciting because you have the chance to start a project about something you are really interested in, and do some real independent research. It can be daunting because it’s all […]