Does Academia Struggle with Integrity?

Academia has a noble reputation; sometimes it can be hard to remember that researchers are just people, as human as everyone else. Here at the UofG, as with other institutions, research integrity is taken very seriously and the University has in place procedures, systems and training to promote high quality, ethical and valuable research. However, […]

An image of scrabble tiles spelling out the word ethics.

The Limbo Time between Ethics Application and Successful Recruitment

The following post on the ethics approval process was written by Lauren Elsie White – a 2nd year PhD student from the Institute of Health and Wellbeing- and follows on from our previous post on where to start with research ethics approval. Lauren is based at the MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit and […]

5 Tips on Surviving Ethical Approval for Your Research

Studies involving human participants or animals often require ethics approval. While standard practice, this process can seem both daunting and complex to those unfamiliar with it. Here, Jie Zhang (a 2nd year PhD student in the School of Education) shares her experience of going through the ethics application process for the first time, and offers […]