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Glasgow in Panels

From postgraduate degrees and lectures to regular cons, book launches, and shops stocking the latest releases: Glasgow is an absolute haven for comic book readers – whether your interests are purely academic, or you’re fangirl and proud (or maybe even an acafan?!) James has previously blogged about some of the West End’s Hidden Gems and Sacha […]

An Invisible Storm: Reflections on my Intercultural Academic Transitions

This is a guest post written by Dr Dely Lazarte Elliot about her experiences as an international student. She is part of the Creativity Culture and Faith Research and Teaching group in the School of Education, College of Social Sciences. I now work as a lecturer in the University of Glasgow, but a good few […]

Nice to meet you!

Hello everyone! My name is Andreea and talking about myself is just about the most terrifying thing someone could possibly ask me to do. It’s right up there with petting a giant spider or going swimming with crocodiles. Nevertheless, I do occasionally like to think of myself as brave so here it goes. Who I am […]