College Librarians: Supporting Your Research and Development

This is a guest post by Paul Cannon, College Librarian for MVLS here at the UofG. Paul explains how College Librarians can support PGRs at all stages of their research and reminds us why we should make the most of the resources and support that College Librarians can offer.     In December, Andreea Tint […]

An image of a white office desk with laptop, lunch, a cup of tea, and other work related items.

Offices, Labs and Libraries: Different PGR Working Environments

I have a confession to make. This post is late. Really late. I’ve been so busy with my research that it’s been hard to find the time for writing. It’s been hard to find the time for anything – but that’s the way it is with research, right? All hands on deck! 24/7 working. Busy, […]

A Student’s Natural Habitat: The Library

Do any of you remember September? It feels like it was just yesterday except my deadline calendar seems to be saying something entirely different! On the topic of deadlines, I have only just submitted the preliminary research proposal for my dissertation, which, other than the fact that I have not gotten much sleep this past […]