Writing Academic Articles

One of the reasons that I applied for the PGR Blog internship is that I have always received good feedback on my writing and I wanted to gain some experience of using a non-academic style. This kind of writing is fun and it’s nice to have freedom of style, grammar, and vocabulary, but writing academically is […]

Waging War with Writer’s Block

I’m going to start this post with an apology (a classic conversation starter, if you ask me). You see, my headline gives the impression that I can help you beat writer’s block—and I’m not sure that I can. Don’t leave yet, though! What I hope that I CAN do, is convince you that writer’s block […]

Developing Your Writing Skills

This is a guest blog by Jennifer Boyle, Writing Advisor for Postgraduate Researchers based at the Student Learning Service. She runs writing workshops and boot camps where you can work on your practical writing skills, but also share your writing experiences with other PGRs!   No matter the discipline, no matter the background – anyone undertaking […]