Through the Keyhole: #PGresearchspace Edition

Thank you to everyone who shared their #pgresearchspace and entered our competition. The winners will be announced shortly, but in the mean-time, here’s a few of our favourites!

Decorated Desks and Perfect Pens

Many of you shared images of the desks you work at, both on and off-campus (and in the case of one researcher, a cupboard!) We particularly liked seeing how desks, shelves, and walls had been personalised by their owners. These entries also inspired a lot of stationery envy- we spent a lot of time coveting your research kits, and it seems fair to say that UofG PGRs clearly have the best taste in pens and notebooks around!

Research Companions

Being a researcher can be quite a lonely and isolating experience, however we were delighted to see that, just like Arts blogger Jade, a number of PGRs have some furry and leafy friends to keep them company whilst they hit the books. We even heard a rumour that one office owns an immortal plant!

Fieldwork #pgresearchspace

We also received several entries taken by PGRs conducting fieldwork and research trips- resulting in some very unique research spaces, ranging from Thailand and Tanzania, to Iceland, Bavaria- and even Antarctica. We hope that those of you in colder locations wrapped up warm!

Fuel and Motivation

Researching can sometimes be an arduous task, and we were interested to see how UofG PGRs keep themselves motivated during long hours at their desks (this may even be a future competition!) Unsurprisingly, many of you shared your beverages of choice and healthy snacks alongside your laptops, as well as a few loyalty cards, walls of shame, and encouraging messages to spur you on.

And the winner is…?
We’re in the process of short-listing our favourite entries- a task which is proving to be very difficult! Keep your eyes peeled for your chance to vote for the winner in a future blog entry.

Although the competition is over, we will still keep using #pgresearchspace on social media, so please do keep sharing images of your research environments. We’ve really enjoyed taking a peek into your lives as researchers, and learning about when, where, and how UofG PGRs conduct their research.

Post Author: Elizabeth Adams

I'm the Researcher Development Manager at the University of Glasgow.

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